Our History

At just about every crossroads, settlers gathered to worship on Sunday mornings in the county’s early days, and Remsen Corners was no exception. A Sunday school started by Dr. S. H. Albertson and A.I. Root in the 1890’s met in the Remsen Grand Army of the Republic Hall; and when Jennie Williams walked all the way to North Royalton to see W.A. Streator, how could he refuse to come to Remsen Corners to hold a prayer meeting? It was Streator who organized Remsen Church of Christ – now Remsen Christian Church, Disciples of Christ – on November 23, 1892.

Build and dedicated in 1893, the building itself is everything a country house of worship is expected to be – a narrow clapboard building with simple lines and square bell tower, painted a crisp white that is almost startling on a clear blue day. Founding church members didn’t record the exact date the bell arrived, only that Andrew Wiley, a member of the building and lumber committee along with C.J. Baird, J.S. Codding, A.R. Spellman, Arch Crooks, Martin Bought and William Dean, rang it for the first time at a watch meeting on a cold New Years Eve.

On a purely architectural note, the congregation modified the structure with the purchase of the G. A. R. Hall in 1923 as dining room, kitchen and upstairs Sunday school rooms. They didn’t abandon wood and coal stoves until 1946, holding “wood bees” to furnish fuel. While the men sawed wood, the women prepared dinner. Events that bring people together will long be remembered at Remsen, such as ice cream socials, strawberry festivals, sunrise services, and holiday breakfasts for college students.

The church was legally incorporated in 1945 and in 1958 the name was changed from Remsen Church of Christ to Remsen Christian Church, in accordance with the national Disciples of Christ organization. The first church constitution was written and printed in 1945 and has been updated several times.

In 1962 a major remodeling was undertaken, enlarging and turning the sanctuary, adding indoor
restrooms, and excavating a basement for a new kitchen and dining room. The new sanctuary was
dedicated in 1963.

In 1978 the parsonage was built. Then in 2004 the current fellowship hall, kitchen, additional
bathrooms, nursery, small meeting room and greeting room were all added. Bringing us to where we are today, a growing community church serving our Lord and Savior.